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Welcome to Police & Corrections Forum

We have two hearts inside of us. One seems to be good and convenient in the moment but will harm us whilst the other seems bothersome and difficult now but will truly benefit us.

We must overcome the mind that runs wild throughout our lives, but it is not possible simply by self-determination. To overcome temptations and wrong minds, it is not determination but joy and hope that you must have in your life.

In addition, when you find a mentor who can lead you, and you are led by that mentor, you gain the strength to defeat temptations. PCF goes beyond abstract theories. The Forum studies on real cases and conduct mind lectures on practical methods to prevent recidivism and effective treatment of criminals. It also aims to connect with the world through the heart. When you know the exact structure of the mind, you can think carefully and practice self-control.

This forum will serve as a guide to the beginning of true change, by learning the importance of change in mind, instead of determination and effort. Educational leaders who participates in this program will  bring change into the lives of those who lived according to the flow of their thoughts and fallen into a trap of crime.

Chairman of Police & Corrections Forum