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Education Status

Education Target : Prison officers who work in correctional institutions, public administration officers, people in charge of character education, civil servants specializing in correctional management who can counsel and give advice, and inmates in correctional facilities - Inmates in correctional facilities - Public officials and prison officers working at correctional institutions - Supervisors and high-ranking officials in charge of judicial institutions and correctional facilities - Other self-governing organizations and private partnerships

1. Director of Corrections Branch Managers and Executive Directors of Education: Institutions and organizations that can enhance direct response and effectiveness on new methods of teaching in terms of implementing character education, which is an anti-crime training education.

2. Directors of press, media, and partner agencies: Institutions willing to work together to improve the efficiency of anti-crime measures and move forward in the same direction

Education Status - 2

1]Prison and Correctional Service
Felons, recidivists, juvenile inmates, drug offenders, prison officers, and corrections agency executives

2]National Police Agency and Police Academy
Central police officials, police academy officials, and royal guards

3]National organizations
Government Officials (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Land, Ministry of Planning and Development, etc.)

4] Military Base and Military Academy
Army (Officers, Training Centers, Military Academies), Air Force (Officers)


Definition of Mind Education -To know the importance and the cause of mind flowing towards crime to give direction towards an upright and happy life by learning how to control oneself and assimilate as normal members of society -Correctional education aimed at judicial agencies, police, departments involved in national security, prison officers, and inmates

The structure of the mind that causes crime

Concept of Mind Education

Problems caused by crime are serious around the world, but people have not yet found an effective solution to them. Mind Education from Police and Corrections Forum is changing the minds of correctional institutions and inmates around the world based on self-control ability, exchange, and thinking skills.

Methods of Education

1) Audit and Lecture Class - Course for understanding and correcting the world of the heart

2) Discussion Class - Participatory class of freely expressing thoughts and minds ∙ Internal changes and external expression ∙ Elements of internal and external conflicts ∙ Phenomenon caused during flow of thoughts

3) Recreational activities - Group or multi-participatory recreational activity lesson - Action Learning: Learn how to proceed in discussion and debate - Mind recreation: Learn mind education interestingly through fun activities and games

4) Special lesson - Mentor and Mentees meet together for group counselling or individual mentoring

5) Evaluation - Evaluation of comprehension: Explains the world of the heart and factors affecting it - Evaluation of change: Measures positive changes in thinking skills, self-control abilities, and exchange - Evaluation of participation: Measures how active participation is during group discussion, presentation, and hands-on activities.

Core of Mind Education

- THINKING SKILLS Differentiating Positive and Negative Thoughts When you think deeply enough, you will be able to find out that first, second and third level of thoughts are different from each other. People might think their thoughts are their own because they arise within themselves. But if you think deeper, some thoughts go against your own thoughts and drag you towards the wrong path.

- Differentiating Emotions and Facts People who can clearly differentiate emotions from facts through clear standards in their heart have a different lifestyle. They do not speak or act according to how they feel, but they follow clear standards that are rooted in their heart. Such people’s lives become bright and healthy.

- Predicting the Consequences of Action If your heart is not arranged, it is hard to think deeply. Life becomes complicated and you are always in a hurry, so you do not have time and strength to think deeply about the cause and solution to a problem. Consequently, people pursue impulsive actions to solve the problems. If you can think at the second level of thought rather than the 1st and 3rd level of thought rather than the 2nd, you can avoid many problems in life.


- Desire without Self-control People who like to boast about themselves try to do things their way. Those who try to do everything their way and are only interested in satisfying themselves have no self-control. People without self-control cause problems and their lives fall apart when their desires are not fulfilled.

- Direction of Desires People find happiness when their basic needs are satisfied, but as they are satisfied, they try to gain more satisfaction through dangerous and abnormal things. When those feelings of satisfaction run dry, new desires arise. As satisfaction vanishes again, complaints and dissatisfaction fill up their heart; hence people do not become happy as their satisfaction increases, but rather become more violent and rough-minded.

- EXCHANGE Connection of Heart When the path of a river flowing towards the sea is blocked, it has to be unblocked. The same goes for the world of the heart. When your heart flows with other people, wrong things get corrected naturally. When you learn the world of the heart and exchange hearts, it will turn your life into a bright and healthy one.

- Shortcomings and New Heart People who know that they cannot change by determination are able to discover how wrong their heart is. It is not by their own heart, but by accepting a new heart that they can live a changed and new life.